We know that chefs want to use the best products in their kitchens. That’s why we created the Chefs Decision Awards.

More than 300 chefs across Australia voted for their preferred products in six categories.  This gives a clear picture for chefs’ product choices for their commercial kitchen.

Ratings are based on five criteria

·         Taste

·         Ease of use

·         Value

·         Texture

·         Versatility

Congratulations to the Winners:

Powdered Boosters – Knorr

Frozen Vegetables – Edgell

Herbs and Spices – MasterFoods

Rich Brown Gravy – Maggi

Chips – McCain

Mayonnaise – Birch & Waite


Chef input will be sought on different categories in forthcoming waves of Chefs Decisions research. Brand owners are now leveraging Chefs Decision by promoting their category win or purchasing a research report for market insights.

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