It’s been a saucy month with voting for Chefs Decision Round 2 now closed and the verdicts in.

Chefs Decision is a series of foodservice awards run independently with the aim of discovering the best products in the industry as decided by chefs. Products are judged on a series of attributes which differ by category. This round of awards focused on sauces - hollandaise, pasta, tomato and more.

Category winner - Tomato sauce (bulk): Heinz

Heinz came out on top in the bulk tomato sauce category due to its strong ratings for taste, texture and quality. A lot of chefs praised Heinz for its popularity with customers and the consistent quality the brand delivers. There was also a sentimental side to this segment with many chefs favouring the brand due to it being the flavour that they grew up with.

Category winner - Tomato sauce (single serve): Masterfoods

The ease of use of Masterfoods trademark blister packs were a key factor in the brand taking out the single serve tomato sauce category. The iconic packaging coupled with a reliably high standard of taste and quality ensured their win.

Category winner - Hollandaise sauce: Knorr (Garde d’Or)

We know that it’s common practice for chefs to make their hollandaise sauce from scratch. However, when time or budget doesn’t allow for this many chefs selected Knorr’s Hollandaise sauce Garde d’Or as their chosen brand. The authenticity and value of the sauce stood out amongst competitors.

Category winner - Soy sauce: Kikkoman

In the soy sauce space, Kikkoman is the go to brand for the majority of chefs. An authentic and flavoursome choice, the Kikkoman brand is highly regarded by the chefs of Australia. The strong heritage and sense of tradition associated with the brand assisted it in taking out the category.

Category winner - Pasta sauce: Buitoni

Authenticity and versatility were key factors in Buitoni winning the ready-to-use pasta sauce category. Able to be used straight from the package or as a base for further creations, chefs praised the rich flavour of the Buitoni product.

Category winner - Asian sauces (excluding Indian): Knorr

In a highly competitive category, high ratings for authenticity, taste and value set Knorr apart from other brands. The wide range of sauces available in the Knorr range was a value add for many chefs, who ranked the brands availability and variety superior to competitors.

Thanks to all chefs who contributed to this round of Chefs Decision Awards - over 600 panel members had their say this time around. As always, we would love to get your feedback on how we can improve the awards process, so feel free to contact us with any improvement suggestions you may have.

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