With ChefPanel membership over 5000 and growing fast, we’re working hard on the capability for members to network and share recipes, tips and ideas. In the recent members survey, the majority of people indicated that they would be happy for this platform to be hosted on Facebook - though some indicated that this would be inconvenient for them as they do not have Facebook accounts and would prefer emails to be sent out with links to our website. However, although our website is useful for information transfer, we don't feel as though members are able to interact well enough in order to create the community we envision ChefPanel becoming.

ChefPanel Facebook group

The ChefPanel discussion forum is planned to be hosted on Facebook. Members of ChefPanel will be invited to join the group in order to participate in discussions, share recipes and images, post job vacancies etc. Facebook is rolling out a new function in groups which allows discussions to be classified into topics, a feature that will allow members to easily find and participate in discussions concerning topics they are interested in.

As we wait for the topic function in Facebook groups to be rolled out, we’ve opened up our Facebook page to submissions from members. Send us a message with content of interest (food photos, recipes, topics you would like to discuss, etc.) and we will ensure that it is posted, or alternatively make a post straight to our wall. We would love to have a diverse range of content and contributors to the page, and see ChefPanel develop into a valuable community for all chefs.

For those chefs that do not have Facebook, we will still be posting regular updates on our website and LinkedIn, as well as sending out our new quarterly newsletter.

Feel free to comment your suggestions below, on our Facebook page, or send us an email at info@chefpanel.com.au