Food service products awards

The Chefs Decision Awards are driven from more than 300 chefs across the nation where each chef is given the opportunity to vote for their favourite products. 

Ratings are made on five criteria to determine the winners of the inaugural Chefs Decision Awards. 

Five Criteria:

-Ease of use


awards to help chefs

We believe the awards act as a useful guide for chefs and foodservice professionals in making their product choices for the commercial kitchen. 


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WAVE 1 winners

The six category winners are:

Powdered boosters - Knorr
Frozen vegetables - Edgell
Herbs and spices - Masterfoods
Rich brown gravy - Maggi
Chips - McCain
Mayonnaise - Birch & Waite


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If you are a chef or a foodservice professional we welcome you to join our online panel. You can take part in the next round of Chef Decision Awards as well as numerous other food service related studies.