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ChefPanel facilitates a dialogue between foodservice suppliers and Chefs that turn their raw materials and equipment into food for people to enjoy. Whether one by one, or en masse - depending on the environment.

We gather feedback from Chefs to help improve the products and services they are offered.

ChefPanel is now over 9 years old and has 5000+ Chefs registered from Australia and New Zealand. 


ChefPanel is owned by Catalyst Research, run by a dedicated management team. We have been conducting studies for blue-chip food sector companies since 1998 and count many major international companies among our clients.

All professional Chefs are welcome. We have members from hotels, pubs, clubs, hospitals, aged care and retirement, prisons, schools, airlines, remote sites, catering, entertainment venues and canteens.

Chefs' Decision Awards

The Chefs Decision Award Scheme was developed to recognize the best foodservice products and services across ANZ.  All Research and Fieldwork is conducted by ChefPanel.

The methodology is an online survey amongst 345 decision making Chefs.  Chefs are targeted to ensure participants hail from all the major foodservice channels (commercial and institutional kitchens).

Chefs rate each of the key brands in a product category. Chefs rate the products overall and on key product attributes.  Ratings area based only on scores provided by Chefs who currently use each product. 

Statistical testing is conducted to ensure winners perform significantly better than other brands.  The Chefs’ Decision Index combines usage and product satisfaction ratings.

Where necessary a follow up ‘tie-breaker’ question is used.

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