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Why Join

Well, first of all, it's free.


That's a great start! From here you will have access to all types of Chefs from around Australia and New Zealand. Ask questions and answer questions, get involved in discussions that interest you. Know what is going on in your industry including new menu ideas, methods to increasing profits, and staffing suggestions.


You might hear about a job, preparations for travel, or even get help running a food service business from those that have gone before you.

ChefPanel is good for the wallet with a cash payment for completing surveys. Plus, we're looking to secure discounts with various types of suppliers for our members. We will also be organising free kitchen product trials. 


So register yourself now and check your email inbox for updates and promotions.


It's a great way to be sure you know what is going on in the kitchen.

Pizza Dough

Can Join 

ChefPanel has thousands of members from around the world. They comprise chefs and kitchen staff working in any type of professional foodservice environment, including:


  • Takeaways

  • Cafés

  • Clubs

  • Hotels

  • Bakeries

  • Restaurants

  • Catering

  • Aged Care

  • Education

  • Private Hospital

  • Public Hospital

  • Correction Services

Membership is free. 

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