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What is ChefPanel?

ChefPanel is a community where professional chefs influence the foodservice industry while connecting with peers and improving their knowledge base.

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Every professional cook 

Membership is free and open to professional chefs and cooks from all type of environments including restaurants, cafes, take-away, through to large scale service including, schools, aged care facilities and hospitals.

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Have your say and earn money too

ChefPanel also pays Professional Cooks and Chefs for their opinions on Food Service Industry products.

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Know what's hot in the kitchen

ChefPanel is a community of professional chefs who network online to share information, stay up to date regarding suppliers, get inside knowledge on trends, assist with menu development.

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Business topics too

The business of foodservice is often not easy. That's why our professional chefs discuss business topics too from food management through to HR, leasing, suppliers and pricing. 


Be inspired 

Join ChefPanel today. It's free and keeps you connected with what's hot in the kitchen. 

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